I read the book The Tao of Pooh and I would highly recommend this book to
anyone, it is full of logic that has helped me in many ways. It has actually
helped me in the last few days and has helped me to make some smart
decisions. I would recommend this book for anyone because it has a lot of
good sayings and ideas that will help you to understand what Taoism is, plus
its just a fun book to read.
The Tao of Pooh is a book dealing a little with what Taoism is. It explains
the basic principals of Taoism using the very well know character Winnie the
Pooh. It takes some of the stories that have happened in the book and puts
them into explaining the principles of Taoism. It helped me to understand
Taoism better and that it is basically just going with what nature intended
for us to do and that by not thinking about things so hard they will
naturally fall into place.
I would have to give this book an nine because it explained to me in an easy
way some of the principles of Taoism. I think that I will take some of the
new things that I have learned from this book and try to apply them to my
every day life. I would also like to think that by reading this book I will
be able to increase my knowledge and slowly be able to write my own book.

Riley Mayfield